The Women’s Health Center in Lebanon is committed to personalized, complete healthcare for women of all ages. Compassionate and caring physicians and staff treat each patient with respect, to provide the best care possible for each woman’s overall health. Our services include:

  • Complete Obstetrical Care
  • Birth Control and Family Planning
  • Annual Well Woman Exams and Gynecological Services
  • OB and Gynecology Ultrasound
  • Infertility
  • Endometriosis
  • Menstrual Disorders
  • Endometrial Ablation
  • Menopause Evaluation and Treatment
  • Weight Loss Management
  • Teen Counseling

Ultrasounds are performed in our office using a Phillips High Definition ultrasound machine with color Doppler. We offer abdominal, pelvic and obstetric ultrasounds.


We are excited to announce our new diet program, let us help you look and feel your best!

We have developed a program that not only works for you but around your busy schedule.  We now offer a "no appointment necessary" weight loss consultation and plan.  You will work one on one with a member of our nursing staff to develop the appropriate option that best meets your needs. 

Lipo-Mic-B6/B12 weekly injections:                                                                                       Cost: $20 per week.


This is an enhanced FAT BURN and ENERGY BOOST injection.  LIPO-MIC-B6/B12 is a combination of vitamins, minerals and
amino acids that are necessary nutrients for our bodies. When taken in this combination AND in conjunction with exercise and calorie reduction, many people report an increase in their metabolism, a loss of inches and/or pounds, more energy and other benefits!


This once-weekly injection is intended to help anyone who desires to lose weight, but has been reported to be most effective in individuals desiring to lose 30-50 pounds or for anyone who has reached a “plateau” or “hit the wall” in their weight loss efforts!Because these are natural ingredients, this injection may be taken weekly for the duration of your weight loss efforts.


Phentermine:                                                                                                                     Cost: $40 per month.  


 Phentermine is a medication by mouth, taken daily, that works as an appetite suppressant and energy restor.  This can be used for a limited time, with the combination of exercise and calory reduction, to shed the weight fast. 


Your initial consultation will include a detailed history to find out which program meets your needs.  Your follow up appointments will consist of weight loss monitoring, blood pressure measuring, and a question/answer session if needed.  The cost includes the medication and the visit.  A detailed information sheet is available upon request which will give you more specific information. Our staff is here to support you with your weight loss goals.  Whether you are an existing patient or new to our practice, we are ready to help you reach your goals.  Call Amy at (615) 449-6780 extension 39.


Margot Blake Aesthetic Boutique is now open.